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Introducing Refresh, by ASC

When you book a Refresh session with ASC, our skilled appliance technician will thoroughly examine your kitchen or laundry appliances and perform internal component cleaning, ensuring your appliances are in top-notch condition and ready to serve you for years to come. By scheduling your appliance maintenance appointment annually, you are taking a proactive step to ensure that all your appliances are in optimal working condition throughout the year. This not only provides you with years of dependable service but also helps you avoid costly repairs in the long run.

For your washing machine, our maintenance includes a meticulous 18-point inspection covering:

• Both front-loading and top-loading washers
• Checks on fill cycle and temperature
• Inspections of belts and motors
• Verification of spin and agitation speeds
• Examination of electrical systems
• Inspection of hoses
• Draining assessment
• Door boot cleaning and sanitization
• Running a cycle with washing machine cleaner
• Plus additional services

For your dryer, our maintenance involves a detailed 13-point inspection including:

• Examination of drum seals and supports
• Inspections of intake and exhaust systems
• Assessment of electrical systems
• Cleaning and inspection of temperature and moisture sensors
• Leveling
• Thorough cleaning of the dryer interior and exhaust vents
• And more

For your refrigerator, our maintenance includes a thorough 9-point inspection comprising:

• Complete electrical system inspection
• Checks on the thermostat and air damper
• Inspection of defrost evaporation and drains
• Level check
• Cleaning of condenser coils, drip pans, and door gaskets
• And more

For your dishwasher, our maintenance includes a thorough 13-point inspection featuring:

• Inspection of the pump and motor shaft
• Cleaning of pump/spray arms
• Checks on water distribution and level
• Inspection of gaskets and drainage
• Full electrical system inspection
• Cleaning of filters and door gaskets
• And more

For your range, our maintenance entails a detailed inspection covering:

• Electrical system inspection for proper grounding and secure connections
• Visual checks of accessible wiring insulation
• Heat testing oven controls for accuracy
• Ensuring proper alignment of the oven door and gasket cleanliness
• Leveling and installation of anti-tip device
• Adjustment of clock/timer as necessary
• Testing of self-cleaning lock mechanism
• Checking electronic controls for proper function
• Examination and cleaning of surface/oven burners/elements
• Cleaning of door gaskets and around burners
• Wiping down the exterior of the appliance with the appropriate cleaner
• And more

If you’d like more information about REFRESH, get in touch today.

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